Annexia BCN System

PRESENTATION OF THE PLATFORM MODEL FOR TERRACE BAR APPROVED BY THE BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL Request information With the pandemic that occurred in 2020, the Barcelona City Council carried out a campaign to expand the outdoor terrace spaces in the premises of [...]

Annexia BCN System2023-08-02T10:33:59+02:00

Annexia Parklet

PRESENTATION OF OUR ANNEXIA PARKLET SYSTEM PROPOSAL TO GAIN SPACE ON THE SIDEWALKS Request information Aware of the growing need to redefine the relationship of pedestrians with the city, and after carrying out several parklet projects with designs owned by [...]

Annexia Parklet2020-11-17T12:42:40+01:00


PRESENTATION OF URBAN OASIS AS A NEW WAY TO RELATE TO THE PUBLIC SPACE Request information OASIS is a collection of elements for the creation of unique urban spaces. These spaces invite to rest and reflection, or to enjoy the [...]


Plec Line

INTRODUCING OUR SYSTEM TO CREATE AND ORGANIZE ROUTES AND LANDSCAPES Request information PLEC LINE is a system for furnishing pedestrian routes. There are times when it is necessary to organize a landscape and decide what is happening and where. That is plec line, a [...]

Plec Line2020-05-28T17:51:28+02:00
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