The Microarchitecture division unites the product lines: kiosks, pergolas and shelters.

We offer standard solutions, customized and tailored for each product. We work with brands that allow us to that possibility because they share our philosophy that the urban equipment must be functional, quality and also adapt to the maximum in your environment.

The design and manufacture of the Habana kiosk was the starting point of Urbadis Micro. Still today it is the most successful kiosk because its versatility to any use and environment, as well as for its timeless design

Throughout the years kiosks have been realized for projects that needed a different system and the following models were born: Cubic, Snake and Axis.

The pergolas were initially proposed as a complementary element to the kiosk bar to provide it with a shaded terrace area in harmony with the kiosk. Over time, the pergola has become an element totally independent of the kiosk, and are projected as shaded spaces in parks, squares and beaches.

Currently, we have three standard, but modular and configurable, pergola models: Habana, pergola made of steel and wood with displaced pillars; Perdau, self-supporting pergola with built-in wooden platform; U system, construction by porches configurable by size, lighting and shade.

In addition to the models described, we realize other pergolas as special projects.

We currently have six collections of marquees, five of the Team Tejbrant brand and one of Urbadis Micro.

All collections have different models that can be developed, exchanged, or customized according to the needs of the client.

In the case of the Habana marquee of Urbadis Micro it can be perfectly combined with the kiosk and pergola models of the same name.

In this category of products we have the cci Annexia Parklet, Oasis and Plec Lin

The Annexia Parklets reclaim space from the roadways to gain it for pedestrians and their sidewalks, the Plec Line creates friendly routes where pedestrians interact with the elements along the promenade and the Oases are points for reflection, conversation, contemplation or just pause.

The city and its inhabitants more allied than ever ...

Singular projects of signaling, sculptures, or development of urban furniture elements are carried out.

We develop research and development projects, with extensive experience in urban equipment. We start from our own designs or we collaborate with architects or technicians in the development of their ideas.

We are used to working with and for the Administration, with a strong concern for sustainability, design and quality. Our designs are widely and effectively tested.

Some special projects are developed on the basis of our own existing products, in the form of a version or customization. Other projects, instead have ended up being catalog elements.

Of course, as in all cases, we take care of all phases of the project: idea, design, construction and assembly.


Customised Solutions

Our design department customizes each project according
to the specific needs of the place and/or project requirements.



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