The pergola Havana dresses the new Plaza de les Corts Valencianes de Benicassim

Fruit of a joint project of Microarchitecture and Benicassim City Council, a shadow area formed by a pergola model PER18 Havana (45 x 5m.) And 5 pergola units model PER 2 (5x5m.) Placed a different height.
Located on one side of the square, the pergola is built with a combination of steel and wood and a structure that visually separates the supports from the shade surface by having the pillars moved. The pillars of the standard Havana pergola are placed in a quincunx allowing two aerial corners, but this case is an exception and they have been placed aligned to receive the low pergolas that share pillars with the main one.
The modular system has been maintained from multiples of 2,5x5m. both in the PER18 and in the 5 PER2 to obtain the projected length.
The proportion of sun / shade is 50% provided with lighting by foci located in the pillars. The final result once installed shows the great mimicry of the pergola in space, without having a leading role thanks to its lightness, the square creating a game of heights and providing shade to a pleasant space for walking and rest.