Project Description

COVID-19 pre-triage module at the International Evangelical Hospital of Genova, Italy

Date:  July 2020
Location:  International Evangelical Hospital, Genoa
Products: Kiosk habana
Brands:  Urbadis Micro
Author  Urbadis projects
Client:  International Evangelical Hospital, Genoa

As a support for the main reception of the Evangelical Hospital of Genova, this pre-triage module has been placed outside, to make a first screen and discard, and to avoid crowds inside. Healthcare personnel are completely protected from the outside by means of a document clip and a speaker that avoid direct contact with the patient.

In continuous communication with the interior of the Hospital, this module allows you to make decisions that can help the best operation of the entire complicated process in the face of the pandemic. One more proof of the adaptability and integration capacity of Habana kiosks to the specific needs of each project.