Project Description

Access control and information booth in Puerto de Alcudia

Date: January 2021
Location: Port of Alcudia, Mallorca
Products: Havana kiosk for checkpoint and information
Brands: Urbadis Micro
Author Urbadis + Decópolis projects
Client: Ports de Balears (Balearic Port Authority)

For this project we have designed, manufactured and installed a new access control and information booth in the tourist and sports port of Alcudiamar.

The model used, the Habana kiosk by Urbadis Microarquitectura, meets all the needs and premises of the project: an information and access control point for the area, functional and perfectly integrated into its surroundings. The functionality is perfectly thought out, with an interior equipment that includes an air conditioning without an external unit. The combination of the transparency of the glass and the cladding with technological wood slats make the shed perfectly fit into the environment with a quality, elegant and sober design.