Project Description

Park with large Alpha Link Towers structure in the Alfons el Magnànim park in Barcelona

Date:  July 2023
Location:  Alfons el Magnànim, Barcelona
Products:  Alpha Link Towers
Brands:  Landscape Structures PlayLSI
Author  Isabel Bennasar
Client:  BIMSA – Barcelona City Council

The first Alpha Link Tower in the city has been installed in the super children's play area in Alfons el Magnànim (Barcelona). This great game structure allows the development of various capacities: motor, sensory, imaginative, cognitive, social, etc.
It consists of two towers that double the climbing challenges, they are linked by an elevated tunnel that generates an exciting race from one tower to the other. Alpha Link® towers allow children to experience heights safely. Various climbers offer different routes around the outside of both towers and children can climb up to the fully enclosed platform inside the larger tower. Its slides bring them back to earth with a journey of pure fun. The lower level of the structure is completely accessible, it has numerous stimulations that welcome children of various abilities.
In this park located on Alfons el Magnànim Street, children will love finding all the unique viewpoints along with the shaded spaces inside the structure to relax and socialize. Adults responsible for caring for children will be able to observe children through the perforated and slotted panels that offer clear lines of sight.