Project Description

«Fritkot» Kiosk for the sale of French fries

Date:  October 2021
Location:  Bruxelles, Belgium
Products: Fritkot Brussels
Brands:  Urbadis Micro
Author  Studio moto
Client:  City of Brussels

In 2017, the city of Bruxelles launched a competition for a new design of the kiosks for the sale of chips or "fritkots", one of the emblems of the city. Around fifty applications were presented, among which was won by Studio Moto, a Ghent studio led by Mo Vandenberghe and Thomas Hick, who presented a contemporary, very particular and novel design.
Later in 2019, the competition for the manufacture of the same was launched, which was won by URBADIS microarquitectura. The close collaboration between the architectural firm, the city council technicians and the manufacturer has given the model a definitive shape and has made its complex execution viable, with a final result that has been a complete success.
It is a box completely lined with mirror stainless steel, which makes it transparent when closed, and which opens one of its sides through a huge gate that acts as a refuge. This is how the sales area appears, surrounded by tiles that are reminiscent of the shops of the «vieux Bruxelles» and that make it an endearing and welcoming space. A sign, also vintage, contrasts with the modern and reflective geometric shape, and identifies the different fritkots or friteries.
Without a doubt we are facing an elegant, classy design, but with a lot of character, absolutely impressive and identifying.