Project Description

Exhibition kiosk for Bot Lifeguard of Calafell

Date: March 2018
Location: Calafell, Tarragona
Products: Havana kiosk exhibition
Brands: Urbadis Micro
Published by: Urbadis projects
Client: Ajuntament de Calafell

The Bot de Calafell that guards the kiosk is one of the patrimonial elements and symbols of the town of Calafell.
The 11,2 x 3,5 m exhibition kiosk has some unique characteristics of the Havana kiosk: it does not have a floor, because the boat rests on the sand like the kiosk, and has a programmed lighting that allows it to stay on at night.
The kiosk is a harmonious combination of HPL panels with glass and wood and with graphic areas personalized by vinyls.