Project Description

Kiosk of sinks in new multipurpose and multipurpose cultural space

Date:  February 2020
Location:  Via Cumina 15, Torino
Products: Kiosk habana
Brands:  Urbadis Micro
Published by:  Urbadis projects
Client:  City of Turin

As part of the European Co-city project, the city of Torino has recovered an old automobile factory for its city, turning it into an elegant and attractive cultural and multipurpose space.
To enhance the image of open and transformable space as the event takes place, the sinks have been arranged in a prefabricated module but with a high level of design and quality. Colors have been chosen that give it a modern look, in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the project.
In this case, it is worth noting the difficulty of placing the module since it had to be entered through a window and at a great distance. Goldsmith work, carried out with all the love and care that this great project deserved.