Project Description

Humanized urban spaces in the exterior areas of a corporate headquarters

Date:  October 2019
Location:  20 Ribera del Loira Street, Madrid
Products: Urban Oasis Snake
Brands:  Urbadis Micro
Author  Paula Costoya NAOS Study + Urbadis Projects 
Client:  Coca Cola, company of services of refreshing drinks SL

The urban oases that we make in Urbadis microarchitecture aim to create unique spaces that invite you to interact with other people or with yourself. Spaces for conversation, contemplation, reflection or rest.
At the Coca Cola headquarters, they have been designed for socialization, to have pleasant breaks in the workday, to have a space where to eat, talk, or why not, continue working but in a careful way and with the appropriate image.
As always, we customize all of our products. Here, the oases are of the Snake model, which allows to follow the design of its "endless" structure and in red to identify with the well-known brand of the client.