Project Description

Intensive play playground in the urban area of ​​the 22 @ district

Date:  September 2019
Location:  Cristóbal de Moura Street, Barcelona
Products: SmartPlay Winds
Brands:  Landscape Structures PlayLSI
Author  Roberto Soto + Urbadis Projects
Client:  BAGURSA, Barcelona City Council

The Venti play structure, designed for children from 5 to 12 years old, is the one with the best relationship between the number of activities, stimulations and the number of children playing at the same time in such a small space. That is why the architect chose him for this project in which there are no excess spaces.
The LSI SmartPlay collection allows the combination of infinite colors, but on this occasion, very neutral colors were deliberately chosen, in a range of gray and silver that make it seem very urban and better integrate it into the surrounding landscape.