Project Description

Annexia Parklet allows you to gain space on the sidewalks

Date:  June 2019
Location:  9 schools in the Eixample district, Barcelona
Brands:  Urbadis Micro
Author  Landarq Arquitectes (Parklet design by Leku Studio for Ajuntament de Barcelona)
Client:  BIMSA Barcelona Ifrastuctures Municipals SA

The Annexia Parklet allow many uses and among them the one of creating waiting areas in front of establishments or schools as is this case. These are tactical interventions that allow, in a reversible way, to gain space for pedestrians by occupying vehicle parking spaces. In this project, an intervention was also made in several typical corners of l'Eixample where the space was gained from a fence and the placement of tactical furniture: container planters and train sleeper stands.