Project Description

Gare de Saint Brieuc, Bretagne, France

Date: September 2019
Location: Saint-Brieuc, France
Products: Habana Canopy
Brands: Urbadis Micro
Author Urbadis projects 
Client: Saint Brieuc Armor Agglomeration

New customization of the Havana model marquee. Two large bus stops, each 14 meters long, in which the successive various modules, with or without benches, with or without rear, give it an uneven rhythm and adapt to the needs of each of the spaces. The subtle lighting integrated into the roof gives it a sheltered presence that allows its use at night and gives an aspect of quality and safety to its surroundings. The choice of white for the structure, natural aluminum for the creation of shadows and a cover glass with a slight blue hue, gives it a light and contemporary look, perfectly adapting to the unique setting of the historic Gare de Train de Saint Brieuc .