Project Description

PER HEXA pergola on Paseo de la Estación, Getafe

Date:  May 2023
Location:  Station Walk, Getafe
Products: PER HEXA pergola
Brands: Urbadis | microarchitecture
Author  Urbadis projects 
Client:  Getafe City Council

In Getafe we ​​have installed the new pergola PER HEX, design registered by the URBADIS team | microarchitecture. Within a large project to reform urban spaces in the city of Getafe, the City Council chose to install these self-supporting pergolas along the Station Walk to act as climate refuges.

Throughout this walk you can see the two versions of this pergola, on the one hand the classic pergolas with shading function and on the other hand those that include a bench to offer a resting space. Pergolas with a built-in bench do not need a foundation as this is the support of the structure itself.

This project is another great example of our range of climate shelters for cities, increasingly necessary due to climate change accelerated.

Our mission is to provide urban spaces with elements of sublime quality that improve the lives of inhabitants.