Project Description

Utopia Marquee at the Hospital of Mollet del Vallés

Date:  December 2017
Location:  Hospital of Mollet, Mollet del Vallés
Products: Marquee utopia
Brands:  Team Tejbrant
Author  Urbadis projects
Client:  Town hall of Mollet del Vallès

Model Utopia marquee from Team Tejbrant customized to be installed in front of the entrance of the Mollet Hospital.
For this project, the URBADIS project team personalized this marquee model by means of the color of the structure, dimensions and the crystals in blue tones following the client's corporate colors.

The custom Utopia marquee with rounded and cantilevered shapes fits perfectly into the location.

The specialized firm Team Tejbrant, manufacturer of bus shelters, offers a wide catalog of standard and customized solutions to adapt to any project.