Project Description

Special pergola Havana and playground for Lezkairu square, Pamplona

Date: October 2017
Location: Plaza Lezkairu, Pamplona
Products: Pergola Habana + Playgrounds
Brands: Urbadis Micro & Landscape Structures
Published by: Projects Urbadis & TyM Asociados
Client: City Council of Pamplona

We carried out this project of urban equipment of Lezkairu square in Pamplona by the TyM Asociados studio.
Together with TyM we designed a special Havana pergola of 30 meters long plus 15 additional meters of lighting. In addition, the autoclave pine wood grills each 7,5 meter intensifies the density of the grill creating an interesting degraded shadow play.
We also equipped the playground with Landscape Structures games through two structures, Weevos and Smartplay, for children from 2 to 5 totally inclusive years and several independent games. The color scheme was customized for the project.