Project Description

Large children's area in the Massana de Salt park

Date:  August 2023
Location:  Parc de la Massana, Salt
Products:  Smart Play, Independent Play
Brands:  Landscape Structures PlayLSI
Author  Urbadis projects
Client:  City of Salt

The URBADIS team | microarchitecture designed and installed an inclusive playground for children of all ages in Massana de Salt Park. A perfect combination of play structures and a dynamic floor that stimulate the imagination of the little ones.
This large park has two structures from the SmartPlay line. On the one hand we have Venti, a game designed for children from 5 to 12 years old that offers 20 highly stimulating activities: nets, slides, climbers, etc. Activities that promote physical development, strategic thinking and the ability to socialize and connect with other children. On the other hand, the park has the Cube play structure that seeks to keep children from 2 to 5 years old entertained in a safe and appropriate way for their abilities. To complete the play area, various independent games were installed that complement the stimuli offered by the SmartPlay games.
It is a complete park, in which everyone has a space to play. At URBADIS we believe that the game should be accessible to everyone because THE GAME IS UNIVERSAL!