Project Description

5 signage totems in a public park in Newcastle

Date: January 2021
Location: New Castle, UK
Products: Totem
Brands: Urbadis Micro
Author Urbadis + All Urban Projects
Client: Urban Green Newcastle

From Urbadis Microarquitectura, collaborating with All Urban, we have built a set of 5 totems that are part of a tour of the park to encourage people to participate in guided meditations that help improve their mental well-being.

The initiative to carry out this project has been created by Urban Green Newcastle together with 'Take Ten Minutes', an organization specialized in guided mindfulness in outdoor settings. Park users can access a number of different guided meditations simply by holding their phone's camera up to the QR codes of the totems placed in the park.

The totems are all of the same dimensions built in treated and stabilized Corten steel sheet. Each totem supports the information of each point of the route with a meditation exercise specially designed to help them harness the power of the outdoors.