Project Description

Canopy for waiting area in San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Italy

Date: February 2021
Location: Ripoli Santa Maria Maddalena, Bologna
Products: Habana Canopy
Brands: Urbadis Micro
Author Urbadis + Ciclostile Architettura projects
Client: Commune of San Benedetto Val di Sambro

Together with the architecture studio Ciclostile Architettura, this version of the Havana canopy has been developed, which is part of the project for the regeneration and redevelopment of the squares and streets of Ripoli Santa Maria Maddalena, (Bolonia).

To improve the habitability, accessibility and quality of this public space, conceived as a waiting area for interurban transport, a Havana Marquee has been designed and installed, creating this environment where you can stop pleasantly and let time pass. To adapt to the space and the project, this version has a voluntary trapezoidal plan and a front central column allows the double overhang of the front corners, giving the structure maximum lightness. The running bench that emerges from the rear of the canopy and the small complementary bench in the middle of the shaded space created are details that further personalize the whole.

The Habana canopy is a combination of galvanized steel that can be customized with different options and with different materials. In this case with Accoya wood, which is what has been used in the rest of the elements of the project. Thus, it integrates perfectly with the environment, creating a shaded waiting and rest area.

Once again it is shown that the Habana marquee is not a simple marquee; it is a modular, customizable, adaptable and removable system. Its uses go beyond the characteristic waiting-area for public transport. It is also an elegant way of obtaining areas of refuge, shade, waiting ... for walks, squares or parks, either as an element of rest in the shade or as a simple urbanizing element.

* photos by Francesco Farris