Project Description

Street Workout on the Rastrell beach in Santa Margarida, Roses

Date:  March 2021
Location: Roses, Girona
Products: Playlsi Workout
Brands:  Landscape Structures
Author  Urbadis projects
Client:  City Council of Roses

The workout is a physical exercise activity that is usually carried out outdoors and that provides more followers every day. The beach is an ideal place to practice it. This is how the City Council of Roses has understood it, which has decided to install it in Platja del Rastrell. The model chosen was Playlsi Landscape Structures, which had already been successfully tested in other areas of the municipality, as its unbeatable quality offers the best guarantee on the market. In this case, a single structure enables a very wide range of possible exercises with a reduced occupation space. Playlsi Workout: maximum performance, minimum maintenance.