Project Description

Vela Pergolas with bench in the Serrallo, Port of Tarragona

Date:  July 2023
Location: The Serrallo, Port of Tarragona
Products:  Sail Pergola
Brands: Urbadis | microarchitecture
Author Drim & Urbadis Projects
Client: Port Authority of Tarragona

Ports have historically been areas frequented by the entire population; they are points of exchange, leisure and relaxation. Both sailors and port workers, as well as other citizens, go to the seafront daily either to work or take a walk. For this reason, it is very important to adapt the area to offer comfort and convenience to users.

Together with Drim engineering, we have developed self-supporting pergolas with benches that are located along the Serraglio de Tarragona. These modules offer a space for rest and social exchange, protecting users from the sun. Create shadow spaces In high exposure areas it is essential to improve their quality and habitability.

URBADIS microarchitecture products are prepared and designed for marine environments, where inclement weather hits hard. We have extensive experience in installing kiosks y pergolas on beaches and ports around the world. The materials of our products are of high quality, so an optimal result is guaranteed without maintenance.

This pergola with bench in the Serraglio de Tarragona is a special Proyect, we work together with our client looking for the best solution for the needs of the project.