Project Description

Havana Pergola installed in La Vaguada square, Madrid

Date:  March 2023
Location:  The trough, Madrid
Products:  Pergola Habana
Brands: Urbadis | microarchitecture
Author  Urbadis projects 
Client:  Madrid City Council

We have installed a large Havana pergola within the framework of the remodeling project of La Vaguada square in Madrid.

This structure, the Havana pergola, is approved in Madrid.

One of the main characteristics of this pergola is the specific design of the slightly dense shade elements, which will give rise in the future to a layer of vegetation made up of climbing plants that are part of the set. Over time, the pergola will become more and more blended with the environment.

Next to a fountain and with plant elements around it, the Habana pergola creates a cozy and natural space.