Project Description

Warehouse kiosk for urban gardens

Date:  June 2022
Location:  Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona
Products: Cuban Kiosk
Brands:  Urbadis Micro
Author  Urbadis projects
Client:  Private

Urban or private orchards need some support booths, either for storage of various supplies, small plantations or spaces for maintenance in covered and closed spaces. In the project that concerns us, the area is made up of two modules of different sizes (one 2,5 meters and the other 5 meters) for differentiated uses, which are accessible from a small exterior distributor that allows us to take shelter from the rain and of the sun.
The exterior cladding has been finished in grooved, heat-treated pine wood, which gives an interesting texture to the facades and integrates perfectly with the environment and its use. In this case, an adaptation of the Havana model has been made in which the open vertical profiles of the corners have been hidden, allowing the wooden walls to rotate giving continuity to them. It is what we have called the "Cuban" model. As always, the exterior and interior configurations are customizable.
A worthy way of providing support spaces for urban orchards or natural spaces, away from the typical prefabricated modules, sheds or containers, and respecting the landscape and the environment in which they serve as much as possible.