Project Description

Urban oasis in Bilbao's Etxebarria Park

Date:  January 2023
Location:  Etxebarria Park in Bilbao
Products: Snake Urban Oasis
Brands: Urbadis | microarchitecture
Author  Urbadis projects

Urban Oases create a perfect rest and refuge environment that represent a new way of relating in public space.

For the Etxebarria Park in Bilbao, it was decided to install a series of Oasis Snake canopies in different locations in the park. The seamless structure, painted in two colors and with wood cladding, make it a warm, unique element, as well as an organizing agent for urban space, promoting relaxation and social interaction for citizens.

The Oasis series allows multiple combinations of finishes and sizes so that they are perfectly integrated into any public/private space.