Project Description

Playground in the Volta d'en Cirés Gardens, Barcelona

Date: January 2019
Location: Volta d'en Cirés Gardens, Barcelona
Products: Evos, Smart Play, Independent Play
Brands: Landscape Structures
Published by: Urbadis projects
Client: BIMSA - Ajuntament de Barcelona

Urbadis Microarchitecture with the signing of children's games Landscape Structure has participated in the renovation of the play areas of the city of Barcelona planned for this 2019. The Volta d'en Cirés gardens is one of the areas where we have carried out a renovation of the playground, turning this park into an inclusive 100%.
The area is divided into two zones, one with rubber flooring for children from 5 to 12, an Evos structure, which, apart from being inclusive, is a continuous game that allows more children to play at the same time. The other playground, with sand, for children from 2 to 5 years has a structure of Smart Play games and independent games.
The colors of the games have been completely customized for this project.