Project Description

Shelter 267 of Plaça de la Revolució in the Gracia neighborhood, Barcelona

Date:  March 2024
Location:  Plaça de la Revolució, Barcelona
Products: Special Projects
Brands: Urbadis | microarchitecture
Author  Queralt Suau & Urbadis Projects 
Client: Gracia District, Barcelona City Council

In 2015, together with the Queralt Suau studio, we designed the access to the Plaça del Diamant air raid shelter in Barcelona. Nine years later we are working together again to highlight one of these air raid shelters that were made in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

The city of Barcelona is working to give visibility to these shelters. For this reason, various interventions are being carried out that seek to highlight their presence, but at the same time blend in with the environment.

Shelter 267 in Plaça de la Revolució is accessed through an underground parking lot to which you can go down via stairs or an elevator. These were the accesses intervened to create a piece of historical memory. The elevator covering stands out, in which each face tells a part of the story. It has two sides made up of backlit panels where on one you can see all the air-raid shelters in the Gracia District and on the other a poem by Maria-Mercé Marçal. Attention is drawn, on the back, to a large panel with vertical relief that consists of an abstract map of the location of the city's air raid shelters.

It is a steel structure that integrates perfectly into its surroundings but at the same time identifies the position of the shelter with class, uniqueness and character.