Project Description

Bus stop for Albinyana, Tarragona

Date: 2018 August
Location: Albinyana, Tarragona
Products: Shelters
Brands: Mmcité
Published by: Urbadis projects
Client: Ajuntament d'Albinyana

Urbadis Micro installs the Geomere marquee of the firm Mmcité, manufacturer of bus marquees, in the municipality of Albinyana.
Geomere canopies are a simple but effective modular system with support pillars on the rear wall. This system allows the creation of modules without side walls, which is a great advantage in narrow spaces. The elegant bench made of wooden planks integrated into the marquee is a beautiful detail. The graphic design on the glass panels on the back and sides also plays an important role.
For this project, marquee was customized in red, the corporate color of the municipality.