Project Description

Pergolas Habana scenery in Rodilhan, France

Date: February 2018
Location: Rodilhan, France
Products: Pergola Habana
Brands: Urbadis Micro
Published by: Green Concept
Client: Mairie de Rodilhan

In order to promote open-air culture, the French town of Rodilhan commissioned the installation of a stage pergola and two other support pergolas in the same plaza.

With the collaboration of the landscaping studio Green Concept, a pergola was designed to function as a stage for popular festivities, installed on a work podium, with a high quality transparent polycarbonate covering and integrated lighting. In order to leave the 10 free meters without pillar, the Havana model pergola was redesigned with an additional perimeter reinforcement in the upper part of the structure.

The other two Havana pergolas that accompany the stage have also been made in black and with integrated lighting but maintain the system of staggered pillars so characteristic of this Urbadis Micro model.